Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong
Bosberg organic venison dry wors - meat of the highest quality

Organic Dry Wors

This uniquely made Venison Dry Wors is the cornerstone of our stable of quality organic venison products. Ideal as a high-protein health snack, or a starter.

We also offer popular Gift Packs featuring this yummy-love-in-a-parcel Droe Wors.
Bosberg organic dog treats - meat of the highest quality

Quality Pet Treats

Just as for humans, healthy protein snacks are the perfect choice for your beloved pooch.

Our pet treats are organic, safe and produced from ethically procured venison meat off-cuts to provide your dog with nutrition and distraction.
Bosberg Organic Meat - a great distribution opportunity

Are you a meat lover wanting extra income?

We offer a small business opportunity.

If you have a freezer and a network of people who'll enjoy our quality venison products, you can make R5000+pm from home.
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