Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong

About Us

The People behind Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong

Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong is the brain-child of two brothers. Roelof and JJ Oosthuizen grew up in the Somerset-East district in the shade of the beautiful Bosberg Mountain and this is where the inspiration for the name and logo of the company comes from.

They joke that the idea for Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong really started around a sociable camp fire, as people often ask where venison meat can be sourced from. This valiant duo then formed a vision of providing quality venison products to consumers everywhere, while at the same time offering a home-based business opportunity to help empower more people.

And so the idea around Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong was born in late 2016.


JJ Oosthuizen is the co-owner of an approved venison abbatoir and processing facility in the Eastern Cape that supplies venison and free range ostrich meat in bulk to wholesalers.

Roelof Oosthuizen is a Chartered Accountant in public practice who has been in the profession for many years, practicing from the picturesque town of Citrusdal.

Roelof and JJ are both family men with a love of nature and strong feelings about the ethical procurement and processing of organic meat.

What makes us different?

We distinguish ourselves as a leading authority in the following ways:

  • We offer healthy, organic meat, great as part of a paleo lifestyle or as banting snacks, or as quality Gift Packs.
  • Our meat is procured from hand-picked and approved suppliers from across the country, who supply our processing plant.
  • We only accept free-range, organic and antibiotic-free fresh meat that we process according to the highest standards. All meat that is received at the deboning plant is processed within hours of arrival.
  • Our passion reflects in being one of very few Halaal Certified Venison Abbatoirs; and we are accredited with ICSA.
  • We supply our meat to wholesalers, biltong manufacturers and restaurant suppliers, as well as to YOU, the home consumer, directly via internet order, delivered to your home.