Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong

Organic Venison Products: order online for Bosberg Meat delivery to your door!

Our range of Elite Organic Venison cuts and Quality Meat products!

Our products are organic; professionally processed; from ethically procured free range stock; and packaged for freshness and goodness.

These products are specially packed for us by Aloe Meats, a registered and approved deboning and processing plant. Their brand 'Karoo Choice' will currently appear on packaging.

VIEW/ORDER BELOW - for products you want, enter the number of packets (up to 9). For more than 9 packets of anything, please contact us for preferential pricing. Upon receipt of your order and delivery address, we will agree delivery costs (if any) and send you a quote/invoice with the banking details for payment. A minimum order amount of R750 applies.

We offer the following (Prices are VAT inclusive and subject to change):

Products (VAT incl) # Packs
Springbuck Wors - 0.5kg @ R42.68 per pack
Springbuck Mince - 0.5kg @ R36.27 per pack
Springbuck Goulash - 0.5kg @ R48.17 per pack
Springbuck Steak - 0.5kg @ R55.58 per pack
Springbuck Stew - 1kg @ R66.62 per pack
Springbuck Burgers - 0.4kg @ R27.24 per pack
Ostrich Fillet - 0.5kg @ R92.63 per pack
Ostrich Wors - 0.5kg @ R42.68 per pack
Ostrich Neck - 1kg @ R42.90 per pack
Ostrich Mince - 0.5kg @ R36.27 per pack
Ostrich Steak - 0.5kg @ R65.95 per pack
Ostrich Goulash - 0.5kg @ R48.17 per pack
Ostrich Burgers - 0.5kg @ R34.05 per pack
Game Droewors - 1kg @ R200.07 per pack
Game Biltong - 1kg @ R289 per pack
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   Springbok meat is healthy and tasty  Ostrich neck chops are delicious and healthy  Ostrich meat is healthy and low-fat

If you prefer to phone through your order or see more detail, download our FULL PRICE LIST with number of units per weight and order info.

We also offer a variety of Venison Pet Treats & Organic Dog snacks. Please contact us to find out more about our healthy snacks, organic dry wors and venison dog treats.